January 23, 2021

Sessions for Women

Working with women is very sacred and special to me. I strive to provide a safe space held with honor, compassion and an open heart through which I guide women on their sexual journey, providing an opportunity for healing, growth, and for enhanced pleasure to occur.

This is an opportunity to allow your body and soul to go on a healing journey.  Some of the issues we can address together are:


Vaginismus -after the birth of my daughter I was diagnosed with Vaginismus. By applying simple and effective Tantric techniques on a daily basis the conditions subsided, and over time disappeared.

I offer my personal and professional experience to women who suffer from this condition.

Scar remediation – for women who suffer from painful internal and external scars in or around their genitals, as a result of childbirth or medical procedures, I offer a simple and very effective treatment. By applying organic castor oil and using specific massage techniques scars heal and pain subsides. Improvement is usually felt within a few sessions. If you are experiencing pain during intercourse, you could be suffering from internal scars.

Working with sexual trauma – in conjunction with your therapist and with your clear invitation only, I offer nurturing safe touch and the opportunity to ask and receive exactly what you need and want.


Tantra provides opportunities to expand in areas that we may not often pay attention to, yet are vital to our  physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. Such as:

Breath work – with more breath comes more pleasure! Learn how to increase your body’s capacity for pleasure by using conscious breath techniques.

Orgasmic yoga practices – learn how you could start your own orgasmic yoga practice by combining breath work, movement, sound, visualization  and rituals.

Expanding  your orgasmic potential – learn how to open your body to experience full body orgasms.

Connecting with sexual energy – master the shamanic art of energy exchange. Learn how you can touch others with your soul and heart.


As busy women in this modern world it may feel  that we don’t  have our needs acknowledged, honoured and met often enough. I would like to invite you to be heard , held, nurtured and pleasured as the ancient tantric practitioners did.

We will sit down together before our sessions starts, and discuss your intentions, wants, needs, desires and boundaries. Together we will plan a session that will work for you.

A session may include breath work, touch meditation, sensation and Tantric rituals and sensual touch.