January 23, 2021

Tantra Connection 2

People attend Tantra workshops for many reasons – to learn more about themselves, to connect sexuality and spirituality, to meet people, to learn about sex, to get more sex, to learn to access more pleasure, to develop intimacy skills. The list is extensive.

Tantra Connection 2 teaches skills to connect more deeply with yourself, with others, and with the environments that sustain you. But it is not the specific skills taught that enable you to get more of what you want. Rather it is developing the capacity for erotic presence – being fully present, connected to yourself and the erotic flow of life. We develop this capacity by learning to practice erotically outside of attraction, harnessing our innate ability to connect as human beings in erotic community. When we are centred and connected to the erotic flow of life without need or agenda, people are drawn to this sense of erotic safety, containment and nurturing.

Tantra Connection 2 offers a unique training ground for erotic presence, which brings more of what you want to your life, and gives you the capacity to take partner engagement within attraction elsewhere in your life to new levels of enrichment, embodiment and pleasure.

In Tantra Connection 2 we come together in erotic community to harness erotic presence through:

  • exploring how your body learns best
  • practising ascertaining what you want and asking for it
  • developing the key tantric tools of breath, sound, movement, awareness, and touch
  • exploring a variety of meditation and embodiment practices
  • practicing mindfulness
  • expanding your capacity for touch
  • practicing active receiving
  • developing intimacy skills
  • practicing tantric bodywork
  • exploring the dance between giving and receiving
  • studying anatomy of arousal
  • extending your plan for regular tantric practice
  • moving away from habits to expand on your experience of eroticism
  • being honoured through conscious connection with a community of open-hearted explorers

For people of all genders and sexualities. 

Price: $290. There is an early bird rate of $250 for payments made by October 31.

Pre-requisite: Tantra Connection 1

The course is delivered by the Institute of Somatic Sexology, and is facilitated by Deej and Uma, leading somatic sex educators.

Refund policy: 2/3 of the tuition will be refunded if you withdraw from the course 7 days before the starting date. No refund is available if you withdraw after that.