January 23, 2021


I invite you to email me (please click here).  I have a policy of talking to everyone by phone prior to booking any session.  It is a simple process where I talk the structure and the intention of our session and ask you a few questions.

Starting from Self – a series of one way touch sessions were you will learn about your own orgasmic potential.

–          Learning to experience full body orgasm

–          Becoming multi-orgasmic

–          Reconnecting with your body and pleasure

–          G spot awakening

–          Learning how to be your own best lover

–          How to ask and receive exactly what you need

–          Overcoming sexual issues and limitations

Sacred Intimacy Sessions – with me as your companion and guide we will explore the connection between lovers. Through sacred ritual and ceremony I will guide you and teach you how to connect your genitals and heart with those of your partners. How to truly come into sacred union. A union that is whole, fulfilling, energising and healing for body and soul. A union that is both divine and intimate were bodies and souls meet.

Sharing with Community – I invite you to come and join a community of like minded people. Tantric Play Parties are community building events that  take place on the first Saturday of every month in Brisbane. People who are both experienced in the sacred arts and who are not come together for an evening of practice. The evening is facilitated by Deej Juventin and myself. Our intention is to create a safe space of exploration love and support. We teach sacred sexuality skills from a variety of traditions such as Tantra, Taoism and sexual shamanism.