January 23, 2021

Sessions for Men

It is an honor and a privilege for me to accompany men on their sacred Tantric journey. Men of all ages, ethnicity and abilities are welcome.


Orgasmic mastery –

If you are experiencing early or delayed ejaculation you can learn how to take charge of your body. You can learn how to quite your mind, be relaxed and present with a sexual partner, expand your idea of what an orgasm is and how you could experience it in your body.

With practice and time these age old Taoist and Tantric techniques are highly effective and have worked for many men over thousands of years.

Sessions may include breath work; touch meditation techniques, Taoist erotic massage.


In conjunction with your therapist I will provide a safe and professional space in which you can explore and work on your sexual issues. An open heart, clear communication, patience and presence are some of the qualities that I bring to a session.



Connect with your breath. Through ecstatic breath – with more breath comes more pleasure! Learn how to increase your body’s capacity for pleasure by using conscious breath techniques

Connect with your body. Find out what it is that your body really wants and needs. Through a journey of discovery and empowerment you will learn how to ask and receive that perfect touch.

Connect with your sexual energy and learn to expand your orgasmic potential by using breath, movement, sound and touch. Through this exploration you will learn to experience orgasm in divine ways.

Gain the skills required to connect more intimately. Learn through how you can be a great lover, opening your heart and your body to another. Learn the art of communication and touch; the sacred art of a Taoist erotic massage given to a woman.

Learn how to give her exactly what she wants!




Explore the world of sensuality and touch in a conscious way. Allow yourself to surrender to sensation and pleasure in your body. Allow your mind to be still and quite, not worrying about what will happen, just letting it be; savoring and enjoying.

Take charge of your erotic trajectory and guide your body into new and exiting ways of pleasure and sensation.

If you have always enjoyed sex but somewhere in the back of your mind know that it could be even better, this is your opportunity to explore that!