January 23, 2021

Learning in our bodies happens with practice and time.


I feel that we can and should have many guides and teachers throughout our life and that our best guide is our own bodies wisdom. This is what I teach – learning trough personal experience.  My teachings are about experimentation. Learning to listen to your body, following your intuition, working with your body and not against it. Breaking lifelong habits taught to us by religion and society. I ask for you to believe only in yourself. You are your own higher god and goddess. Whatever I teach, I ask my students to prove it right for themselves.

I will  guide you on this marvellous journey of discovery.

I will help your body remember how to receive more pleasure, teach you how to give more pleasure to others and encourage you to practice this beautiful way of life.

Together we will explore the true meaning of making love, the true connection between sex and heart.  We all want to experience that in our lives and some of us have been fortunate enough to have experienced it. What would you think if I have said to you that you are able to experience that every time you choose to? I will provide you with the tools, the opportunity and the companionship for you to learn how to go to this wonderful orgasmic space every time you please!

Women, men and transgender persons of all sexual orientations, age, size and handicap are invited to share my space with me. All are treated with the utmost reverence love and respect.