January 23, 2021

Going In Waist Deep

If you are curious about Tantra and would like to go in waist deep…

I recommend  bodywork sessions –

In one-way touch sessions you will have the opportunity receive and allow.

With conscious touch and coaching hand on sessions are the perfect opportunity to discover, heal yourself, learn about and reconnect with your body ,experience pleasure in new and exiting ways.

Some of the things you can learn in these sessions are:

–          Open your body to experiencing full body orgasm

–          Become multi-orgasmic

–          G spot awakening

–          Learn how to be your own best lover

–          How to ask and receive exactly what you need

–          Overcome sexual issues and limitations

If you are interested in taking charge of your own erotic journey knowing and feeling what it is that your body wants and needs then these are the sessions for you. People of all genders, sexual orientations  ability and experience are welcome.