January 23, 2021

Dipping Your Toe In

If you are curious about Tantra and would like to dip your toe in the water..

I suggest an ecstatic breath session

With more breath comes more pleasure! Learn how to increase your body’s capacity for pleasure by using conscious breath techniques. Breath is the foundation of all sacred sexual practices.

Some of the things you can learn in an ecstatic breath session:

  • how you can surf the pleasure waves of orgasm with the assistance of your breath.
  • how to use breath and movment to guide your body to an altered state of consciousness.
  • Discover breath as a powerful tool to regulate your moods
  • Breath work as a meditative practice

You will be able to use the skills you learn in these sessions in your daily life both in and out of the bedroom.These sessions are fully clothes and there is no touch required. people of all genders, sexual orientations ability and experience are welcome.