January 23, 2021

Sessions for Couples

By creating a safe space for open hearted communication, sexual energy can flow more freely between two loving people. Spending time with couples is an honor and a privilege for me and my role as your experienced  teacher is to support and guide you to enhance and strengthen your relationship. Sessions are specific to your requirements and intentions, which we will establish and clarify together before proceeding.

Some of the skills you can learn in a  tantra session for couples:

How to communicate clearly and honestly with your lover

by saying what it is that your body wants and needs without judgment or attachment. Communicating from heart and with love is something we all benefit from and practicing  tantra provides  the opportunity to do so, whilst greatly enhancing your sex life.

How to give and receive more pleasure from each other.

By exploring the world of touch, breath and communication we are able to learn new and exciting things about our lovers. Even if you have been together for a long time, you will find that our ever evolving bodies and minds hold new and exciting knowledge to be discovered.

How to quiet your mind and be conscious and fully aware of your body and that of your partners.

In our daily life it  can be difficult to remain in the present. Most people tend to think ahead or dwell in the past. This is useful but how do we learn to be as fully present as possible when we wish to be intimate with our lover? How can we stop our minds from interfering and ‘getting in the way’ of our pleasure? By using somatic meditation techniques you can learn to be completely aware, present  and in your body. Time will stand still and you will be able to share yourself more fully with your lover.

Learn how to assist in expanding each others orgasmic potential and experience full body orgasms.

Using techniques from sacred sexual traditions like taoism, shamanism and tantra you can gain the skills that will assist you in opening your bodies to the delicious world of orgasm through learning that there is not only one type of orgasm, but many. Your bodies can learn to experience orgasmic sensations from the subtle to the profound  that can positively effect all aspects of your daily life.